How we work

We change the point of view

Phase of Knowledge

Our first task is to understand the customer’s business, communication flows, as well as the tools used to collect data. This first phase provides an overview of the media data of the company to propose the most appropiate solutions in each case.

KPI’s definition

Identifying the company data sources and the type of information collected is not enough.
One of the most crucial tasks is to select, along with the managers, those key variables for decision making in the company and establish the best way to present them.

Connection to Data Sources

We are now in the implementation phase. After identifying and deciding which data we want to show, developers study each of the sources of information to connect that softwares, via API, with the dashboards.

Panels Design

In parallel with the programming work, the design and structure of the dashboards is produced. Our designers draw custom dashboards for each customer, based on their needs, sector and/or company image.