Hotel innovation at FITUR 2024

Article on FITUR 2024

On the vibrant stage of FITUR 2024, this exhibition has positioned itself as a benchmark for the latest trends and developments in the world of tourism.

At the 44th edition, the event received a total of 250,000 attendees, of which 153,000 were professionals, representing an increase of 13.7% over 2023. This year not only celebrated the recovery of the sector after numerous global challenges, but also highlighted adaptability and digital innovation as keys to the future through Fitur travel technology.

Empowering hotels into the digital era

FITUR, beyond being a meeting point for the promotion of destinations, hotels and tourism services, has evolved to reflect current trends and challenges within the sector, obviously including hot topics such as digitalisation and the growing importance of data management and analytics.

Tourism relies heavily on data collection and analysis. On understanding market trends. Being closer than ever to travellers, detecting their needs, what they really want to make their experience unforgettable. An opportunity, without a doubt, for growth. However, you have to know how to exploit it. FITUR is undoubtedly responding to this need by including more and more panels and conferences focused precisely on this point: data in the tourism sector.

From AI systems that predict traveller preferences to Big Data analysis platforms that allow companies to make more informed decisions. FITUR becomes a showcase for the latest tech tools applied to tourism.

A window to opportunity, change and being more competitive than ever. Putting the customer, their preferences and expectations at the centre.

At the forefront of reserves

With regard to traveller bookings, the growing presence of artificial intelligence represents an opportunity for technology companies that want to become an indispensable ally for hoteliers. This is why an enhanced booking engine that multiplies direct bookings through dynamic pricing strategies was demonstrated. This system suggests rates based on demand, seasonality and competition, effectively increasing occupancy and revenue.

In addition, a platform that operates as a continuously active price manager can be checked, allowing you to intervene and control the price manually. This ensures that the hotel’s room rates are properly adjusted on a nightly basis. Designed for independent hoteliers, due to its fast implementation, it helps to save time when comparing rates with competitors and not to miss economic opportunities.

Conclusions of FITUR 2024

In conclusion, FITUR 2024 has allowed us to learn about multiple AI-based solutions that not only improve operational efficiency, but also raise the quality of service and competitiveness in an increasingly digitalised environment where efficient data management is essential for the hotel business.

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