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Scale your hotel's operational management with business dashboards
The problem
Decentralized reserve management

Decentralization of booking management leads to problems of coordination and operational efficiency.

Lack of interdepartmental communication

Lack of communication leads to delays in resolving problems that could easily be anticipated and to a less satisfactory guest experience.

Incident management

Slow resolution of incidents negatively affects the customer’s stay by generating unfavourable reviews.


Fluctuating demand is a challenge in annual management and resource planning. Real-time data will help you to improve your hotel management operations.

ZEUS solution
Unifying information sources

A consolidated and complete overview of the hotel’s situation with regard to current room availability and rates is created.

Internal communication platform

The implementation of an internal communication channel improves collaboration between departments. In addition, information flows better and decisions are much more accurate.

Social media monitoring

Actively and systematically follow up on social media platforms, monitoring conversations, comments and mentions related to the hotel. Take control of your hotel’s online and offline reputation.

Trend monitoring

We seek to anticipate changes in demand, adapt to guest preferences and strategically plan daily operations.

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