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360º Digitization

The digital transformation process can be exciting and full of opportunities, but it also brings with it a number of significant challenges.

Artículo sobre Pylon Data

Smart Energy with Pylon Data

Smart energy with Pylon Data. A real-time dashboard that helps drive the energy sector with data. Boosting a sustainable future.

Beyond Stats Article

LaLiga and Microsoft’s new data project: Beyond Stats

Beyond Stats is a project developed by LALIGA that aims to convert a large amount of data into videos and graphics.

Article on FITUR 2024

Hotel innovation at FITUR 2024

FITUR 2024 reflects the importance of digitalisation and data management and analytics in the tourism sector.

Article for BeyondSea

BeyondSea Project

The BeyondSea Project is a dashboard to monitor ships and improve Baleària’s operational efficiency in real time.

Article on Mexican digitisation

Weaving the digital future

In recent years, many countries have been moving towards the adoption of technologies that drive digitalisation. Mexico is not far […]

Artículo sobre la digitalización deportiva

The hidden game: challenges for sports digitization

The challenges for the digitalization of sport are a call for innovation for companies in the new digital era of sport.

Leer artículo sobre el papel que juega la digitalización en el deporte

Digital dawn in sport

The rules of the game are changing in the sporting world thanks to digitalisation. Discover new opportunities for clubs.

Cómo afecta la gestión de datos en el sector agro y logístico

The sustainable revolution transforming industry

The convergence of digitalisation and renewable energy is creating a sustainable revolution in the agribusiness and logistics industry.

Leer artículo sobre datos en el deporte. La importancia de su gestión y visualización.

Data in sport: a masterstroke

Data management in the world of sport is the lever that turns the game on the field into a masterpiece. Find out more!

La digitalización dentro del sector hotelero

The challenge of digitization in the hotel sector

Data within the hotel sector is key to improving the customer experience and deepening tourism intelligence.

Leer artículo sobre datos en el sector logístico

Data driven logistics, challenging borders

Data in the logistics industry is key to facing today’s digital crossroads. Start making good decisions now.

Leer artículo Hospitality experiences in the digital world

Hospitality experiences in the digital world

Data as a strategic resource in the HORECA sector. What are the challenges around data management in the sector.

Leer artículo sobre la gestión de datos en la industria agroalimentaria

What do we eat tomorrow?

Innovation in the foodtech industry is a reality. In addition, it brings with it the generation of multiple data. Discover the trends.

Leer artículo con las conclusiones del desayuno organizado con distintos hoteles

Innovating by people for people

New consumer trends are driving cutting-edge tourism that needs to be smarter, digital and sustainable. How can data help?

Data, a drive of productivity

Data management has benefits in terms of productivity and resources. Discover how data is the engine of productivity.