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The problem
Weak integration of agricultural data

Information from different sources – weather data, soil data, crop records – can limit farmers’ ability to make agile decisions.

Lack of pest prediction

The inability to accurately predict the occurrence of pests and diseases in crops can affect the quality of the final product and the efficiency of farm process management.

Limitations of soil quality monitoring

Lack of accurate tools to monitor crop quality can lead to inefficient farming practices, affecting crop health and final product quality.

Product traceability

Difficulties in establishing effective traceability systems from production to distribution which can affect quality and the ability to respond quickly to problems in the supply chain.

ZEUS solution
Predictive analytics

Use of advanced algorithms to predict pests, diseases and adverse weather conditions. This allows preventive measures to be taken, improving quality and optimising processes.

Data integration

Unification of various data sources, providing a cross-sectional view that facilitates informed decision making and optimising resources (water, fertilisers and pesticides) thanks to the rapid detection of problems.

Instant monitoring

It allows farmers and decision-makers to instantly monitor critical data: weather conditions, soil moisture levels, crop condition, etc. No need to wait for regular reports.

Improved route planning and logistics

Real-time visualization enables optimization of transport routes, efficient inventory management and product freshness.

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