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Discover the digitalization of the logistics sector, a control tower that encompasses the main indicators and a real time alert system for deviations.
The problem
Data chaos

Information scattered in different software from different providers.

Slow performance in incident handling

Slow ability to react to incidents.long times to identify, address and resolve problems.

Delayed deliveries

Data chaos leads to multiple errors in shipment assignments, lack of control over the fleet, etc.

Customer service problems

Lack of information and control over the status of orders prolongs response times to customers, affecting satisfaction with the service and the company’s reputation.

ZEUS solution
Fleet tracking

Real time tracking of each vehicle. Anticipate unforeseen events and make better planning of loads and deliveries. It also mitigates breakdowns, optimises deliveries and minimises consumption and costs.

Fuel optimization

Identify inefficient driving patterns, monitor the location and performance of each vehicle in your fleet to establish corrective measures. Optimise delivery routes based on traffic data and weather conditions.

Real time alerts

Automatic generation of alerts for preventive vehicle maintenance and route optimisation.

Shipment details

Detailed information on the estimated time of arrival of the shipment, place of origin and destination or assigned carrier, which allows for more optimal management and fewer incidents.

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