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The problem
Inefficient inventory system

Too little or too much product negatively affects the profitability of our businesses.

Booking and waiting times management

Long waits and difficulty in booking create dissatisfaction among customers and affect the general perception of our establishments.

Staff turnover and continuous training

High staff turnover and the need for continuous training affect service quality and customer experience.

Adapting to new trends and online reputation

Keeping up with new trends and changes in diners’ tastes can be a major challenge when it comes to positioning your restaurant.

ZEUS solution
Integrated stock management system

An integrated inventory management system allows real-time tracking of stocks, facilitating purchase planning and reducing the risk of stock-outs or overages.

Unifying booking platforms

Employee retention programmes and systems and providing ongoing training builds staff loyalty and improves consistency in service quality.

Staff management and workload

Adopting an efficient platform for reservation and queue management optimises the customer experience, reducing waiting times and improving operational efficiency.

Trend analysis and social media monitoring

Performing trend analysis and obtaining customer feedback allows the menu to adapt to changing tastes and preferences, ensuring relevance and customer satisfaction.

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