LaLiga and Microsoft’s new data project: Beyond Stats

Beyond Stats Article

Today, digitalisation has become an indispensable element for all industries, and sports is no exception. It affects everything from the way matches are played to how fans interact with their favourite teams. As a result, many clubs are asking themselves: Are we adopting the latest technologies to stay competitive in the marketplace? Are we providing our fans with a satisfying digital experience? In this context, innovative projects like Beyond Stats are changing the pace of this digital transformation.

What happens behind the scoreboard

The Beyond Stats Project is driven by LALIGA, in collaboration with Microsoft, and collects a huge amount of data to translate it into videos, infographics and graphics. All of this with the aim of observing the match from an analytical perspective.

Thanks to Big Data, in recent years the project has provided coaches, players and fans with unprecedented insight into on-field performance, team tactics and game trends. This is possible thanks to the collection of more than three million pieces of data that have helped the development of advanced statistics such as:

  • Goal probability: the variables involved in goal scoring are extracted. In addition, the metric includes a player quality indicator based on his performance in front of goal.
  • Drives: thanks to the algorithm, it is possible to categorise them as normal, long, short and slow, creating a much richer data.
  • High intensity actions: those performed at more than 21 km/hour are measured.
  • Wall Passes: frame by frame, the positions of the players are calculated by filtering the passes to players that take less than half a second.

This technology is based on Mediacoach, a tool that has been in use in our country for more than a decade and allows both First and Second Division clubs to be connected to a shared data network, allowing the democratisation of the competition.

Health and entertainment in the spotlight at LA LIGA

Furthermore, this project not only helps to better understand the game from an analytical point of view, but is also positive for the health of the athletes. Through Microsoft Surface Pro devices, LALIGA integrates a dugout system called Video Review System in which clubs can review a play from different camera perspectives in the technical area and the dugouts.

This allows the staff to act or prevent an injury thanks to better diagnosis and intervention. This function is complemented by Mediacoach Mobile and Live, which are responsible for sending alerts to the technical staff if a player is at risk of injury during the course of a match.

Pushing the boundaries of sports analytics with #VisualData

From the strike of a ball, to the strategy behind every play. In the dynamic world of sport, every second, every detail counts. That success or failure of every play often lies in our ability to understand and act on the data that is generated at every moment.

The key is to unravel what’s behind the scoreboard, to reveal what’s important in every move through data. This is where #VisualData comes into play through business dashboards. Unlocking the potential of data through clear and concise visualisation, transforming numbers into powerful insights. Because the true magic of data lies precisely in its ability to inspire, inform and transform.

In conclusion, Beyond Stats is more than a project. It is a reflection of the power of technology to drive change, elevate the game and improve the lives of those who play it.

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