The Heart of Change

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4 de January de 2021
Dashboards to visualize data

These days brought us time for reflection.

Those who know Zeus know that we don’t operate by the book, we read books and write our own unique present and future.

We predicted the data revolution 5 years ago and we live it now more than ever!

Our clients are what matter to us, local or international companies in all fields, we support them in the process of CHANGE, may they be CEOs, digital or cross transformational leaders. CHANGE is about PEOPLE.

In “The Heart of Change”, Kotter makes some good points that we would like to share with you, about the principles of change, in a progressive approach. We think it may be interesting for all the #transformational leaders out there:

Dashboards to visualize data
  1. 1. Increase urgency – sometimes people do not see the need of a change and for this the management has to bring to the table of discussions dramatic facts (like an upset client, or a very long time spent a project or even a video with a concrete situation), this kind of shock awakes people and rises emotions (what?n wow!!) – facts, not opinions. Seeing-feeling-changing.

  2. 2. Build the guiding team – after the feeling of emergency was created (something needs to be done!) finding the right leaders to lead the change is essential, the ones who show enthusiasm, commitment and can model the trust in the team, minimize frustration and increase trust with meeting formats.

  3. 3. Get the vision right – the vision has to be sensible and understandable at all levels, with clear direction for action, sometimes 2 word pages are enough. Sometimes the managers have to do dramatic visible actions in order to clarify the vision in actual facts vĂ­a behaviour and deeds

  4. 4. Communicate for Buy in – this means having clarity in what one does, communicate it thoroughly, simple and heartful, preparing some Q&A if needed, and most of all matching words with deeds, talking informally with the people about the issues , listen to the words but most important pay attention to the underlying feelings, speaking to anxiety, confusion, anger and distrust.

  1. 5. Empower action – removing barriers, the manager has to allow the team to act, empower and destroy barriers when encountered by employees that act for the change. Energize the team, present intermediary successes and positive feelings, film it, expose it! Implement recognition and reward systems that inspire, promote optimism and build self confidence.

  2. 6. Create short term wins – focus is essential and as a transformation can last 1 year present and celebrate short term wins according to the vision is very important, is an emotional uplift, a validation of the strategies and takes power away from cinics 🙂

  3. 7. Don’ t let up – usually any organization has inertia, once a change has been implemented needs careful attention to be sustained, otherwise people tend to go back to their previous behaviours. Build on the momentum, eliminate unnecessary demoralizing work and not declare victory prematurely.

  4. 8. Make change stick – never forget the power of emotion, use employee orientation to show the values, tell vivid stories about the organization, what it does and why it succeeds, and grow the culture.
Dashboards to visualize data

In other words, transformation is a process led by a vision.

We build our vision and we can help you in building yours. Approach us and we´ll tell you our story, is about how we realized in our own shoes that data is what we need to be happy at work and a growing business. 

¡Happy New Year!

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